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December 21, 2012: Return To Awareness--A Message From Carlos Barrios, Mayan Priest

The New Humanity On The New Earth
December 21, 2012: Return To Awareness--A Message From Carlos Barrios, Mayan Priest
Bill Tenuto
August 30, 2008

My friend, Carlos Barrios, is a Mayan priest. He has asked me to disseminate the following message, which Carlos calls the "Return To Awareness." In his message, Carlos discusses the Mayan ceremonies associated with the upcoming Mayan New Year, which takes place this year on September 4, 2008. However "Return To Awareness" goes beyond the Mayan New Year of 2008, elaborating on a segment of time in the Sacred Mayan Calendar which began on August 9, 2008 and culminates on December 20, 2012.

Here, unedited, are Carlos' words:

For many years the different Clans, Supporters, Elder Councils and specially the wise visionaries and prophets of the Maya World have sent a series of warnings and messages to humanity, they have been mostly related to this Prophetical Times and their precision has amazed the world since they started having more diffusion in 1987 (the end of a negative cycle) date in which they allowed us to give conferences, interviews and releases, as well as to write about the significant moment we are "living" as humanity and as part of Mother Earth.

The warning of the damage we are making to the environment provoked by contamination of the Air (emission of gases), the poisoning of the water, the climate changes (global warming), the destruction of the forests and jungles, the irrational use of chemicals on the soil (fertilizers, fungicides, weedkillers, etc.), the uncontrolled use of the non-renewable natural resources, the automation of the human being; all of these combined with ineffective economy which is only oriented to materialism (consumerism), the lack of awareness that makes us wander aimlessly, without a guide of the destiny in which we belong as individuals and as humanity (the western society does not have a spirituality that’s real); and all these causes intolerance and unprecedented insanity (wars, religious fundamentalism, exploitation of the human being against our own species).

All of this has brought us to an extremely dangerous point for survival and as a consequence of the unconsciousness and for not living within the natural order we have created the most terrifying result.

The breaking of the Crystal Sphere (ozone layer) and the greenhouse effect are creating a change in the weather and as a result we are suffering from extreme hot climates, longer and hard winters, floods and droughts which are accelerating the deglaciation that will provoke the sea level to rise up to 15 meters making some of the islands disappear.

We predicted (giving exact dates) the worsening of terrorism which brought the attack to the Twin Towers, wars (attack to Iraq) and also the Tsunamis in Asia, the earthquakes and devastating hurricanes. The disaster of the world economy we are suffering, which could become an uncontrolled chaos if we do not do anything to revert it.

We have also warned that the negative energy is affecting specially in Asia and the Mid-East and we are now living the threshold of a confrontation between Pakistan and India and the imminent attack to Iran, as well as the natural phenomena (earthquakes, droughts, and the strength of the water which as an element comes a destructive strength).

We are coming closer to the end of the FOUR AJAW, which is a cycle of 5,200 years that will end on December 20, 2012, and to the beginning of the FIVE AJAW that will start on December 21, 2012, date that has been erroneously diffused as the "end of the world", which is a bad interpretation; it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one that will bring the RETURN TO AWARWNESS, meaning it will be a cycle of spiritual development, of having the space to return to the natural order. This cycle brings us the opportunity to find a balance with Mother Earth, harmony between Human Beings, showing the harmonious relationship between the Feminine and Masculine energies, it will be a period of light and wisdom that will bring a new Economical and Social order.

But the prelude of the cycle of the new Human Being is this times that we are now living.

The period that opened on the 9th of August 2008, is a cycle started at 8 Kan which is the manifestation of material energy (it activates the last phase of material energy on Mother Earth and human beings and it will end on December 20-2012) . We are working every day with ceremonies to balance the energies and touch the heart of mother earth; this cycle of work will end on the 4th. of September, the beginning of the Sacred Maya New Year.

The goal of the Ceremonies we are making is to create balance in life, our attention and intention is focused in reestablishing the world’s economy, even as at this moment it is not fair or adequate since it is based on materialism which is the prevailing form and humanity is not yet ready for the new socioeconomic order. The rise in the price of oil and bankruptcy of the banking system is raising the prices of the products which are necessary for survival and creating more poverty, for which we ask you as well to focus your energy and mind power for humanity to return to a balance.

The other point in which we are working is in the cleansing of environment and in creating awareness of a BALANCE with MOTHER EARTH. Now’s the end of the KAJIB AJAW the FOURTH SUN which has WATER as its element, so we have to be aware that this element is showing itself (floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, deglaciation) to call for our attention and if we do not take drastic and urgent measures the water shortage can cause our destruction.

Our attention is also centered in stopping violence and not allowing more violence such as abuse to individuals and masses, not allowing confrontation, intolerance, racism and not allowing more WARS.

This cycle opens a space forgotten by human beings.

We have to remember that Mother Earth has a heart, the INNER FIRE that’s beating and it’s known by the westerns as Magma it is to the Kak Alom that we should send our prayers, meditations, ceremonies, etc. to find harmony and feel her energy, to send our thought of energy and love, to ask for forgiveness for the harm we have done. When each of us finds awareness and realizes this, we can spread it out and be able to reach the RETURN TO AWARENESS.

8 BATZ is the day of the beginning of the SACRED MAYA NEW YEAR, 4th.of September on the Gregorian Calendar, during this day more than 8,000 Fire Ceremonies will be celebrated in Guatemala all day long.

If you want to join us, we ask you that at any moment of this day and according to your own tradition or to what your feeling dictates (a meditation, a prayer, a ceremony) ask for the purpose in which we are working and if possible light four white candles with this intention.*

*(This quote used by permission of Carlos Barrios.)

Copyright © 2008 by William L. Tenuto. All rights reserved.

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