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Will The Asteroid, Apophis, Collide With Earth in 2036?

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Will The Asteroid, Apophis, Collide With Earth in 2036?
Bill Tenuto
February 8, 2011

The Science About Apophis
On June 19, 2004, scientists discovered an asteroid which they chose to name “Apophis.” Apophis was the Greek god of darkness and chaos and the adversary of the sun.

On April 13, 2029, the orbit of Apophis will come within 18,300 miles of Earth.

When we consider the diameter of Earth at the equator is 7,926 miles, an object coming within 18,300 miles of Earth is a close call. The good news is Apophis won’t get close enough to Earth to actually hit it—at least not in 2029.

The possibility of a direct hit does emerge again, however, exactly seven years later, and this time there will be greater cause for concern for those of us who call this planet our home. On April 13, 2036, Apophis is scheduled to return, and on this go-round the asteroid will pay Earth a much closer visit than before.

An article published on February 4, 2011 on the Website Space.com tells us:
"Now, reports out of Russia say that scientists there estimate Apophis will collide with Earth on April 13, 2036. These reports conflict on the probability of such a doomsday event, but the question remains: How scared should we be?"


My Comments About Apophis
I first heard about the asteroid, Apophis, a year or two ago, and the moment I heard about it I felt there was a good possibility Apophis one day would collide either with Earth or the moon. In fact, if scientists in 2029 do as the above Space.com article suggests they might do, and NASA runs “a spacecraft into the hurtling rock” to divert Apophis from colliding with Earth, this action may inadvertently realign Apophis to hit the moon in 2036.

While considering this possibility, I recalled a prophecy told to me some time ago by my brother, Chief Standing Elk/Golden Light Eagle, Tribal Chief of the Yankton Dakota Tribe. He had said to me that when he was much younger, he had heard a prophecy from an Elder which said, "The moon would give birth to twins.” Standing Elk/Golden Light Eagle gave me his interpretation of this prophecy, saying the moon would be hit by an asteroid or comet and the impact would crack the moon in two. When he said this to me, I pictured in my mind’s eye the moon so severely fragmented that rocks and debris from this collision were crashing down onto Earth for several days.

With all of this stirring at the forefront of my mind, I decided to phone Standing Elk/Golden Light Eagle yesterday (February 7, 2011) to tell him what the Russian scientists had predicted—that an asteroid would collide with Earth.

He asked me, "Did they say what year?"

I answered, "Yes. They said the year would be 2036."

With his voice raised in excitement, he told me, "I announced that year—2036—at the Prophets Conference in Los Angeles on March 8, 1997. There also was a total eclipse of the sun on that date which we could see from Los Angeles.”

He said, "I told them at the Conference we were all here to give prophecy, so I would give them a prophecy, and then they could do whatever they wanted with it. I said to them, ‘There's a fiery rain coming from the sky in 2036. It will affect the flesh of man.’”

Then he said to me, “Tell them that Standing Elk predicted this. We will see it happen in 2036, if any of us are still alive by then."

When I heard all of this, I became quiet. He had just said to me, “Tell them,” and I thought, “Tell whom?” I then realized he wanted me to write about this. He wanted me to help get the word out. Once I understood what he wanted, I felt the whole conversation taking on a new dimension. In the way Native Americans would describe it, the conversation had become “spirit led.”

I needed to respond to him, so I focused on what it was I was sensing and feeling and said straight out to him, “I don’t feel this asteroid will hit Earth. I feel it will hit the moon. The debris from the collision will produce the ‘fiery rain’ you predicted.”

He said, “If that happens, we’re goners. The moon has a very powerful force over the earth. The tides would be affected and….”

I interrupted him. I felt he was taking this in the wrong direction. He wasn’t seeing the whole picture, and it was up to me to provide the missing piece.

I said, “No. If this happens, the moon would be gone. The moon exerts the force which causes Earth to spin on its axis, so with the moon gone, Earth would upright itself. Earth would stop spinning on its axis. It would spin straight up and down, in correct alignment with the sun.”

“Because Earth spinning on its axis has been the cause of the seasons,” I continued, “there would be no more seasons. No summer, no winter. Just one consistent temperature wherever you were, all the time, every day, 12 months a year.”

His response touched me in a way that told me he could see the whole picture now too.

He responded with one word. He said, “Eden.”

Copyright © 2011 by William L. Tenuto. All rights reserved.


Judith Kahealani Lynne said...

Wow! What a great article! There's every reason to move our vibration from fear to love and trust we will be in the right place at the right time. Thanks, Bill!

paula said...

Supports Biblical Prophecy, also. Right time line! HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy2013 I just read this Artical,I am Confused and left in Awe! for one thing what would happen to the Debris falling to earth of the Moon and Asteroid Collision? would these Debris hit buildings? etc,I pray not!!! and the Earth would get Twin moons? that's the puzzling part,and thinking it would be Spring into July? No Summer :-*( No Winter :-) I'm more Worried about Iceland Volcano's Erupting :-*(